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Our intervention programs are designed to provide lower level of care for substance misuse. 

Alcohol & Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP)

ADSAP is a statewide education and treatment program designed for persons convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). The major purpose of the program is to reduce the frequency of alcohol and other drug related traffic accidents, fatalities and property damage and to intervene at an early stage in the development of alcohol problems. For more information on the ADSAP Program click here.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our EAP helps employers retain valuable employees who have developed problems affecting job performance. Employees and their families who are suffering from personal or work related challenges are eligible for our services.


420 is a risk reduction program, similar to Prime for Life 21 but its primary focus is on marijuana usage. 420 addresses the risk factors associated with marijuana use and social and psychological influences that affect our choices. 

Prime for Life 21
(Alcohol Education Program)

Prime for Life 21 is a risk reduction program that focuses on reducing negative outcomes associated with alcohol use, it provides information about the phases of use and how important our choices become in our lifestyles. 

Tobacco Education Program

This program is for adolescents between the ages of 12-17, who has received a tobacco charge. It provides information on the tobacco laws and offer tobacco cessation information. 

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