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Prevention/education offers a variety of services to address the prevention of substance misuse and substance use disorders. Evidence based programs and strategies are provided in schools and to the community to educate Lancaster County on the potential dangers of alcohol and other drugs.

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Community Presentations

Presentations to the community to educate on the potential dangers of substance misuse. We provide presentations on a host of topics related alcohol, tobacco and other drug use for all ages and audiences

Prevention Programs 

We implement comprehensive evidence-based prevention and education programs within the  schools and the community. Programs can be implemented in elementary, middle and high school settings. 

Merchant Education 

Palmetto Retailers Education Program is a merchant education program that helps reduce access to alcohol and tobacco products to persons under 21. This course provides merchants with knowledge and skills to comply with local, state and federal laws. 


#PreventionwithaPurpose is a campaign from Counseling Service of Lancaster and the Coalition for Healthy Youth to show how we all can end the Opioid Epidemic with simple prevention practices.

Coalition for Healthy Youth 

The Coalition for Healthy Youth is an organization comprised of 40 public, private, civic, corporate and faith-based partners targeting youth problem behaviors including substance misuse. 


Information for parents and teens on how to talk about the potential dangers and alternatives of substance misuse and information to "shatter the myths" associated with use. 

Terri Lee

Terri joined the Prevention team in January of 2019. After working with the school district, she wanted to continue to working with the youth in her community. She is passionate in working to prevent substance misuse before it starts along side of other community friends in other agencies.

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Makenzie Henry

Makenzie joined the Prevention team in February 2022 after graduating with a degree in Health Promotion. She enjoys working with the youth and providing resources on how to prevent substance misuse. Working with the community and kids is something she's passionate about.

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