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Prevention Programs 


Life Skills

Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) is a research-validated substance abuse prevention program proven to reduce the risks of alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, and violence by targeting the major social and psychological factors that promote the initiation of substance use and other risky behaviors.


Operation Prevention 

Operation Prevention's mission is to educate students about the true impacts of opioids and kick-start lifesaving conversations in the home and classroom.


Project All-Stars 

The primary goal with every All Stars program is to delay the onset of risky behaviors. In other words, we want to keep kids from starting to participate in risky behaviors as long as possible.


Rx for Understanding

The lessons lead students through an inquiry-based, technology inspire project enabling an opportunity to apply the key concepts learned about the misuse, abuse and proper use of prescription drugs.


Too Good For Drugs

Too Good is a comprehensive family of substance use and violence prevention curricula designed to mitigate the risk factors associated with risky behavior and build protection within the child.


Uniquely you

Uniquely you formerly known as I'm Special is a substance abuse prevention program for 3rd and 4th graders. The primary goal of the program is to develop and nurture each child's sense of uniqueness and self-worth.


Why Try

The WhyTry Program is a resilience education curriculum that provides simple, hands-on solutions for dropout prevention, violence prevention, truancy reduction, and increased academic success

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