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Counseling Services of Lancaster offers comprehensive outpatient programs and evidence based counseling approaches to address substance use disorders and other related problems. Services are confidential and available to adults and adolescents.

Each person receives an individualized assessment and treatment plan that extends across many levels of care. Care is prioritized for persons who have a substance use disorder and are pregnant or have used substances intravenously. Services are tailored to the needs of the person and may include:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Counseling     

  • Family Counseling     

  • Education     

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Referral     

  • Recovery Management Services    

  • DOT Assessment/Treatment Services    

  • Drug Testing   

  • MAT-Medication Assisted Treatment



adolescent services 

Individualized services are available for adolescents who are at risk for substance misuse or substance use disorders.

intensive outpatient program (iop)

The Intensive Outpatient Program is a cost effective addictions treatment program. It allows people to live at home and possibly even continue working while receiving treatment.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT combines behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use disorders. Individual and/or group therapy services are provided for persons receiving MAT from their medical provider.

offender based intervention (obi)

Services are provided to persons who are referred as a condition of sentence, probation, or parole. Services are typically for alcohol, drug or related offenses.

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